Groundwater Information Systems


Already in 1995 we developed our first water information system WIS for the company Henkel KGaA, which can be operated via the Internet browser. Since then, the system has been continuously further developed. It links databases with evaluations, model calculations and visualisations from different environments to a uniform system. The operation of the client-server application is platform-independent via the web browser. The users are guided through pre-configured menus or access the desired information via the geodata explorer Mapico.

Our information systems are based on web technologies and open software standards and access existing databases. Therefore they can be used without additional initial investment and in any environment.

For the development of the information systems we use the following techniques:

  • OO analysis and design: UML 2
  • User interfaces: Html5, Javascript (OpenLayers, WebGL)
  • Programming languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Java, C/Fortran
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Web server: Apache, Tomcat

Reference Projects

Evaluation and visualisation of groundwater quality data


Canton Baselland has a database with chemical analyses of groundwater and spring water throughout the canton. In cooperation with the cantonal authorities Simultec AG developed a tool to generate analyses of the data with different graphics (Piper-, Stiff-, Schöller-diagrams, BoxPlots, correlations, ...). A map-based user interface was programmed for operation. The evaluations are performed with the software environment R.

Client: Canton Baselland

Presentation at the SGH Conference 2019

Water Management Information System WIS

Benutzeroberfläche WIS

The Simultec AG created groundwater models for several production sites of the company Bayer. Some sites already have databases for the monitoring of the groundwater quality, others have commissioned the Simultec AG to establish such databases. The results of the groundwater modelling and the measured data were combined to an information system with homogeneous user interface.

Client: Currenta

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