With the help of simulation programmes, geographical information systems and databases, we analyse and visualise environmental phenomena and thus develop tools for our customers.

Grundwasserstr├Âmung im Limmattal

In many cases, simulations help to better understand the complex relationships and are therefore used to develop a basis for decision-making. Simulations often also contribute to the optimisation of solutions. In addition to a careful processing of the data basis, the development of a conceptual model and the correct choice of numerical methods is paramount. Simulation goes far beyond the mere use of a computer programme and requires a lot of expertise. Simultec AG has acquired this knowledge in more than 30 years of experience. The following simulations are carried out:

  • Groundwater simulations (flow, mass transport, heat propagation)
  • Pollutant dispersion in the air (accidents, mesoscale models)
  • Hydrological models (precipitation / runoff models, soil water balance models)
  • Hydraulic simulations (flow, material and heat propagation)
  • Electromagnetic fields from power lines
  • CFD simulations (combustion furnaces)