Flood Protection

Hochwasser in Donauwörth

Global warming increases the risk of extreme precipitation and flood events. Flood control measures are therefore being implemented along many watercourses. Today, flood protection projects usually include channel widening, renaturation or ecological flooding. These projects may affect underlying aquifers. We use model simulations to identify the effects of flood control and renaturation measures on underground constructions, contaminated sites or existing drinking water catchments at an early stage. We thus provide the basis for comparing options and evaluating supplementary measures.

Reference projects

Flood protection project RHESI:

Wärmetransportmodell Limmattal

In the Alpine Rhine between the Ill estuary and Lake Constance, the discharge capacity is to be increased from 3,100 m3/s to 4,300 m3/s. The planning association "Zukunft Alpenrhein", in which Simultec AG is involved, was commissioned to elaborate a general project including an environmental impact assessment.

For the area of the Rhine valley between the “Buchser Schwelle” and Lake Constance Simultec AG created a groundwater model. The model served the following purposes:

  • Prognosis of the effects of the different planning alternatives on the groundwater body including variant optimisation,
  • Quantification of the exchange processes between water bodies and groundwater for well sites in the Rhine foreland,
  • Forecast of the effects on the water courses, which run parallel to the Rhine.

Client: Internationale Rheinregulierung

Time period: 2012 - 2018

More information

Flood polder Eltheim and Wörthhof


Flood protection on the Danube is designed for a 100-year flood. For the case of an overload, two flood polders are planned to the east of Regensburg. If the polders are filled, a rise in groundwater level is to be expected on the land side of the dikes if no countermeasures are taken.

With the help of a groundwater model, the effects of a polder filling were quantified and the necessary measures were dimensioned.

Client: Water Management Authority Regensburg

Project period: 2016 - 2018