Contaminated Sites

Dealing with contaminated sites requires cautious planning, as these can affect the use and development of a property in many ways:

  • The owners of land registered in the Cadastre of Polluted Sites (KbS) are often ordered to carry out a preliminary investigation of the contaminated site by the environmental authorities.

  • Anyone planning a new building or modification must let clarify at an early stage which legal requirements must be met, which additional costs are incurred during the construction project and whether a disposal concept or a supervision by a contamination specialist is necessary.

  • When a building constructed before 1990 is demolished or rebuilt, it must be examined for so-called "old building burdens" (asbestos and other building pollutants) and remediated depending on the findings.

  • Under certain circumstances, the soil may also be contaminated, so that it can only be recycled with restrictions or has to be disposed of in landfills.


We have many years of experience in dealing with issues relating to contaminated sites and provide targeted and cost-efficient support to building owners or planners in the realisation of their plans and compliance with legal requirements: